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The Runner’s Sole Take A Look at the Sole E35 Elliptical

Today, the Runner’s Sole offers our second review (in a series of 5), the Sole E35 ellpitcal review. With lifestyle diseases being a main concern in the world today, regular exercise has become a necessity. In this article we take a closer look at the Sole E35 elliptical and review the pros and cons of this particular x-trainer.

sole e35 console (5)

the sole e35 treadmill

Exercise on an elliptical trainer not only serves to minimize the risk of acquiring such diseases but simply maintain a healthy lifestyle which in turn increases our life expectancy as a population. There are numerous machines developed to help us attain that goal and one such machine is the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine. Rated by consumer magazines and websites as one of the best buys, Elliptical machines have grown in popularity over the years with every gym and most households. Product specifications The Sole E35 elliptical technology is built to provide a cardio workout which is not only challenging but also efficient.

The machines usability is a highlight with a 7.5 inch LCD display that serves to assist the user keeps track of essential training data.

e35 display left (4)

e35 display right (3)

Furthermore, the easily adjustable pedals, power adjustable slide, console and incline go to add on to the user friendliness of this technology. The stride length is between 20 to 22 inches and comes equipped with six standard programs, two heart rate programs and two custom programs. The stationary handle bars monitor your heart rate with their in-built sensors coupled with a heart rate chest strap for hands free pulse monitoring. The pedals are designed in a two degree inward slope which goes a long way to reduce stress on your knees and ankles not to mention that the foot bed is also adjustable for maximum customized comfort. The Sole E35 elliptical technology allows the user to change the ramp angle via the machine’s power incline ranging from flat up to thirty degrees. This serves to give you an array of extensive workout options focusing on specific muscle groups in your lower body. Furthermore, you can engage more muscle groups by peddling in reverse. For your arms, the Sole E35 elliptical technology comes with movable handle bars that serve as an extensive exercise regimen.

You can also track distance, time, resistance levels and number of calories burnt during your cardio workout.

This is displayed on the LED screen.

Benefits of Sole E35 elliptical technology

Using an elliptical machine, such as the Sole E35 elliptical, for your regular workouts comes with a host of benefits, let’s review them all here.

sole e35 treadmill (6)

First is improved bone density which plays a key role in your overall health. Traditionally, the various exercises responsible for health bone density included aerobics, running and weight lifting which may cause jarred bones. With Sole E35 elliptical technology, all exercises responsible for healthy bone density can be performed. Secondly, the act of stepping up and down while peddling with an oval movement replicate running or walking. This simply implies that this machine provides the same benefits without the stress impact on your muscles and bones. Furthermore, safety is assured with Sole E35 elliptical technology by performing your exercises in a smooth flow thus minimizing risk of injury. Your bones and muscles as aforementioned are also protected from stress, when exercising on the Sole E35 elliptical,  which may end up harming certain muscle groups (Steve @ Elliptical Consumers – thanks for pointing this out!).

sole e35 treadmill handle left (9)

sole e35 treadmill handle right (10)

Further, all muscles are engaged during this workouts making them very efficient in toning your body.

Most of us always prefer the easiest way to lose weight or tone our bodies, Sole E35 elliptical technology gives the users just that (as attested to many online reviews). You can do your exercises in a simple, relaxed manner at the comfort of your home. The technology used to manufacture elliptical machines incorporated a design whereby the natural body motion is provided while using the machine. Though higher priced than most aerobic machines in the market, the users are guaranteed to establish the physical benefits they intend to achieve from using them.

Though there is an array of elliptical machines in the market which come in different prices and forms, the technology on these aerobic machines is always top notch.

What to consider while buying an Elliptical Machine

Type of drive system on the E35 Sole

There are several types of drive systems which comes in handy while determining the durability and quality of the machine.

First, we have the front drive system with articulating foot pedals. This model is usually the cheapest and easy to maintain. However, they are very uncomfortable and may lead to injury especially the ones that come without pedals capable of adapting to your motion with angle changes. Secondly, we have the rear drive systems which are a bit more expensive as compared to the front drive elliptical technology. However, they are also easy to maintain and don’t need articulating foot pedals since the system is built to facilitate natural ellipse during motion. With the advent of technology we now have the centre drive systems which come with a flywheel located at the center of the device.

This results in very quite operation while the design makes them more compact.

sole e35 treadmill frame left (8)

sole e35 treadmill frame right (7)

Maximum user weight

To ensure perfect balance and minimal vibrations, it is paramount to confirm the upper weight limit.

This may also prevent an untimely breakdown as a result of overloading not to mention void the warranty.

Foot pedal features

As far as user comfort is concerned, this is one of the most important considerations.

Pedals must be adjustable and it is worth noting that, over sized pedals are recommended. Sole Elliptical Trainers come equipped with slightly sloped pedals with an adjustable angle not to mention articulating.

This really enhances your training while at the same time ensuring your comfort is guaranteed.

The Sole E35 elliptical and IFit compatibility

IFit in essence gives you access to a more personalized workout.

You are connected to a website where a personal trainer gives you directions on the various workouts which is highly motivating.

Furthermore, you can enjoy workout music while doing your cardio.

sole e35 treadmill speaker left (11)

sole e35 treadmill speaker right (12)

Console usability reviewed

The console should be easy to use, read and understand.

You are in a position to measure your progress, follow programmed workouts and customize some programs such as is the case with Sole E35 elliptical technology.

There is a host of other considerations that need to be put into account before settling on a specific elliptical machine. These may include the feedback on the console, the power source required to run the system, number of included programs and the kind of resistance it offers just to mention but a few.

If you would like to find out more about specific usability issues:

Sole E35 Elliptical conslusion

The Sole E35 elliptical is a exercise machine that makes sense in many aspect as an alternative training methodology for any avid runner.

sole fitness

However there are many elliptical models from Sole Fitness and there might be other specific models that might suit your particular needs better then the Sole E35 elliptical, the Sole E95 elliptical for example is a sightly more sturdy machine that comes with a slightly higher price tag, it might be worth considering though.

A Closer Look at Sole E95 Elliptical Machine

The Runner’s Sole is proud to offer our first review in a series of reviews that we plan to write during the coming months – what if you would get an elliptical fitness machine that serves all your needs and attend all your muscle groups? In this Sole e95 elliptical review, we will see how it can be the only thing you ever need to achieve all of your fitness goals.

sole e95 elliptical (12)

sole e95 elliptical

Most attractive features of the Sole E95 Elliptical

First of all in this Sole e95 elliptical review let’s look at the most attractive benefits you would get by using Sole e95 elliptical machine [see also (our previous): AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill review].

sole e95 elliptical (8)

sole e95 elliptical (9)

sole e95 elliptical (20)

Let’s have a look at the details of the flywheel, the power incline, tracking, music and cooling fans. If you want even more details about the Sole E95 elliptical have a look here.

Heavy 30 pound flywheel:

More weight increases more strength. Because more weight means more resistance and thus when you use more weight, your muscle groups resist adapting to the weight you are working out with. In Sole e95 elliptical machine, a 30 pound heavy wheel is provided which will help you increase your stamina, attend all your core muscle groups and give you an edge over other exercises. There are also benefits for people with multiple sclerosis [Elliptical exercise improves fatigue ratings and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis].

Power incline features:

The power incline features of this elliptical trainer add resistance when you target all your muscle groups. More is the resistance, more is the strength you will build your muscle. And gradually, you will develop bulgy muscles you have always wanted.

Review your tracks time, distance, calories, resistance:

If you want to know the secret of any athlete’s superior performance, ask them and you would get only one answer. They track everything they do. And thus, if something is not working, they can improve upon it. In the same way, this machine provides with you the tracking system which tracks time, distance, calories burned and resistance you are handling right now. If you feel that the current level of time, distance or resistance are not enough, you can decrease or increase it according to your goal and comfort and achieve your fitness goals in few short months.

Such is the power of having a tracking system in the elliptical machine. Many user has mentioned this in their reviews of the E95 Elliptical.

Music fastens the results:

Top most athletes listen to music or play podcasts into their ears while exercising. It increases the well-being of the mind and body follows. If you do exercise while listening to music, it will help to deal with the gruelling process of exercise and reduce your pain of resisting against heavy weights.

sole e95 elliptical (7)

In this elliptical machine, integrated sound system is provided by using which you can play your favorite songs or podcasts while exercising and it will help you exercise better.

Cooling fans manufactured by Sole fitness:

When you exercise, it is natural to get sweaty. If you have a tendency to get sweaty very quickly or may be due to weather condition, the elliptical machine has built-in cooling fans which will help you cool down while you exercise.

sole e95 elliptical (6)

Custom-designed foot pedals:

Now everything is custom-designed. It is done with a motive in mind that all customers’ demands and needs are diverse. What satisfies one cannot satisfy another. Thus, with this custom designed foot pedals, all customers will be equally satisfied.

Water bottle holder:

If you have seen people exercising, they drink water quite often. While exercising a lot of water is going out in the form of sweat. And it is not possible to carry water bottle in your hand as you will pedal your elliptical machine. While making this Sole e95 elliptical machine, the manufacturer has realized the value of having water while exercising. Thus, they have provided a water bottle holder with the elliptical machine so that you don’t need to get off from the machine to drink water.

sole e95 elliptical (13)

And also you don’t need to carry a water bottle in your hand while exercising.

Sole E95 Elliptical Warranties:

The good news is the whole frame of this elliptical machine is warranted for a lifetime. The warranty on the parts and electronics are 5 years and 2 years warranty is given on labor.

Along with so many attractive features it comes up with two disadvantages that users of this machine faces.

Let’s look at the demerits of this machine in Sole e95 elliptical review.

Sole E95 Elliptical – Demerits

Negative Reviews About Rust:

A lot of people have found that after using the machine due to the sweat the paint is getting removed from the machine eventually. And thus after few weeks, rust forms on the frame of the machine.

Though it is not a great disadvantage, but still the users feel that the manufacturer should have taken care in painting the machine properly. It’s reflected in many online reviews that we found.

Sole E95 Elliptical Clumsy interface:

A lot of users also reported in their E95 elliptical reviews that the interface is very clumsy and not updated according to the current needs. This is the age of touch-screen. A lot of people found the interface very cumbersome and need to push several buttons to get the work done.

sole e95 elliptical (2)

sole e95 elliptical (3)

More details can be found on various consumer and fitness sites:

From this Sole e95 elliptical review, it is clear that it is one of the better elliptical machines available in the market.

Yes there are few turn-off, but if you compare the turn-off with the benefits at such a reasonable price, the Sole e95 elliptical definitely a decent investment.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

For a video of the Alter-G treadmill, visit:

The Runner’s Sole is proud to offer the area’s first, within a 200+ mile radius, the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. This treadmill uses an airtight seal to lift the user’s body weight off of their legs in order to ambulate without pain. The maximum weight reduction is 80% and is controlled by the user in 1% increments. The treadmill has a forward maximum speed of 12mph, reverse speed of 3mph, and an incline max of 15%. Total weight capacity of 450lbs. Many professional sports teams train and/or rehab on the AlterG treadmill. As well as many Division 1 Colleges and Universities train on the AlterG. Elite athletes train on the AlterG for muscle memory and cardiovascular benefits with reduced damaging effects from ground impact forces on the lower extremities. Military hospitals are using the AlterG treadmill for wounded soldier rehab.

The uses of this machine has not yet been fully realized by the manufactuers nor the owners and users. However, known uses are: ambulatory dysfunction rehab; cardiac rehab; pulmonary rehab, obesity limitations, diabetic foot/leg ulcers, visually impaired (upon being secured into the cockpit, the user is fully supported and will not fall off as traditional treadmills do not provide such support), running injury rehab, sports injuries from any discipline rehab, eldery functional walking, running biomechanic abnormalities, speed training, distance training, distance running recovery, speed walker training, orthopaedic injury rehab, surgical rehab, and the list goes on. Here at The Runner’s Sole, the user is given a full treadmill orientation and upon feeling comfortable with the controls, the staff provides privacy from other customer onlookers, if so desired. The user has full control of a DirecTV supported television for your viewing pleasure, or bring along your own music device, to fulfill your time. Large display windows provide sunlight to give you the outdoor feeling, but, at the same time with the protection from motorists, animals, and the elements. Bathroom facility access is granted, however, no showers are provided. Recommended to bring your own towel, but one will be provided if you forget yours. Specially designed neoprene zipper shorts are worn to form an air-tight seal. Traditional shorts must be worn under the neoprene shorts if you desire to borrow ours…don’t worry, they are cleaned after each useage with scuba gear cleaning solutions.

alterg treadmill

However, if you wish to purchase your own neoprene shorts, they can be through The Runner’s Sole or for $85.00. A 10 minute treadmill demonstration is free of charge. Appointments for the demo is appreciated but not ncessary.

Appointments are needed for useage time on the treadmill. Fees for useage are available in individual sessions or in hour package deals. Call or come in for more information.