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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

For a video of the Alter-G treadmill, visit:

The Runner’s Sole is proud to offer the area’s first, within a 200+ mile radius, the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. This treadmill uses an airtight seal to lift the user’s body weight off of their legs in order to ambulate without pain. The maximum weight reduction is 80% and is controlled by the user in 1% increments. The treadmill has a forward maximum speed of 12mph, reverse speed of 3mph, and an incline max of 15%. Total weight capacity of 450lbs. Many professional sports teams train and/or rehab on the AlterG treadmill. As well as many Division 1 Colleges and Universities train on the AlterG. Elite athletes train on the AlterG for muscle memory and cardiovascular benefits with reduced damaging effects from ground impact forces on the lower extremities. Military hospitals are using the AlterG treadmill for wounded soldier rehab.

The uses of this machine has not yet been fully realized by the manufactuers nor the owners and users. However, known uses are: ambulatory dysfunction rehab; cardiac rehab; pulmonary rehab, obesity limitations, diabetic foot/leg ulcers, visually impaired (upon being secured into the cockpit, the user is fully supported and will not fall off as traditional treadmills do not provide such support), running injury rehab, sports injuries from any discipline rehab, eldery functional walking, running biomechanic abnormalities, speed training, distance training, distance running recovery, speed walker training, orthopaedic injury rehab, surgical rehab, and the list goes on. Here at The Runner’s Sole, the user is given a full treadmill orientation and upon feeling comfortable with the controls, the staff provides privacy from other customer onlookers, if so desired. The user has full control of a DirecTV supported television for your viewing pleasure, or bring along your own music device, to fulfill your time. Large display windows provide sunlight to give you the outdoor feeling, but, at the same time with the protection from motorists, animals, and the elements. Bathroom facility access is granted, however, no showers are provided. Recommended to bring your own towel, but one will be provided if you forget yours. Specially designed neoprene zipper shorts are worn to form an air-tight seal. Traditional shorts must be worn under the neoprene shorts if you desire to borrow ours…don’t worry, they are cleaned after each useage with scuba gear cleaning solutions.

alterg treadmill

However, if you wish to purchase your own neoprene shorts, they can be through The Runner’s Sole or for $85.00. A 10 minute treadmill demonstration is free of charge. Appointments for the demo is appreciated but not ncessary.

Appointments are needed for useage time on the treadmill. Fees for useage are available in individual sessions or in hour package deals. Call or come in for more information.