We’re closing the doors

Just wanted to make sure that you saw my email from this morning…

And that this month is the final to register for our Marathon Masterclass 2019!

Here’s the email I sent earlier this morning in case you missed it:


DECISION TIME: Enrollment closes soon.

And I’m glad you’re reading this…

Because it means that you still have time to check out the Marathon Masterclass 2019.

And decide if it’s right for you…

BEFORE the doors close December 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Over the past week, you’ve heard me talk a lot about the Marathon Masterclass 2019.

And that’s because this is the absolute BEST way for runners of all levels to start implementing our running method.

And because time is extremely tight…

If you want to take advantage of this extremely limited time opportunity…

Click here to get registered in the Masterclass

See YOU on the INSIDE!….

The Runner

P.S. Still got questions??? My team is standing by on LIVE CHAT to answer any last minute questions you might have… Click on the link above, and we’ll help you out no problem! 🙂